F&A Phoenix Award

F&A Phoenix Award


The F&A Phoenix Award Recognition Program is a peer nominated award for F&A staff. It is intended to acknowledge, encourage, and engage employees across the division. The award aims to recognize staff contributions that go above and beyond our division mission and expectations.

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The F&A Phoenix Award is for benefits-eligible, actively employed F&A staff meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Good status
  • Length of service is at least 3 months
  • Nominated staff members can only be awarded once per academic year


  • Nominations may be made by only F&A employees on a quarterly basis
  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves
  • F&A staff can nominate someone more than once in an academic year, but nominated staff members can only be awarded once per academic year
  • There is no limit to the number of staff in F&A an individual can nominate
  • Nominations will be accepted and submitted electronically via Google Forms
  • Phoenix of the Year Award recipients are selected from quarterly awardee pool from the last academic year


  • Deadline to submit will be the last day of each quarter unless otherwise communicated
    • Tuesday, December 1, 2020
    • Friday, March 19, 2021
    • Friday, June 11, 2021

Submission Overview

  • Nominations should be 500 words or less
    •  Award form language:
      • Please provide a summary as to why you feel this employee has been nominated for recognition.
      • When submitting a nomination, some suggested questions to keep in mind are:
        • How has this person advanced the mission of F&A?
        • How has this person advanced the mission of the University?
        • What are some examples or stories of the person living the attributes?
        • What makes this person standout from other F&A staff?
        • Why does this person deserve to be awarded the Phoenix Award?






Facilitates open and honest dialogue. Works very well with a team. Understands the importance of being mutually accountable and explores opportunities. Supports diverse and creative ideas. Encourages others and collaborates to solve problems.


Focuses on high standards. Has consistent and outstanding results. Is always committed to high-quality outcomes. Goes above and beyond requirements.


Is thorough, consistent and uses a clear methodology to solve problems.  Sees projects through despite facing challenges and has strong motivation.


Is flexible, curious and uses collaborative inquiry to find solutions. Uses imagination to see projects in a new light.


Is not afraid to try new approaches. Understands the power of inquiry in finding alternative solutions. This person is confident, action oriented, is open to new ideas and shows a tendency to explore.


Empowers others to take actions and is a positive influence. Has strong communication skills. Works with integrity and takes accountability. While not afraid to stand out from others, has humility. Is resilient despite facing challenges. Takes charge and has a clear sense of vision.


Understands the importance of openly sharing information. Builds trust, facilitates coordination across different people or groups, and listens and responds empathically. Values the work of others to solve problems. Unifies people under a common objective.



Has a desire and eagerness towards projects. Inspires others to action and to do their best. Positively impacts those around them with their spirit. Works with a purpose and is driven by the mission of the organization.


Finds ways to deliver on the vision and mission of F&A and seeks to provide best-in-class support to the University. This person aims to find efficiencies and synergies. Willing to jump in to support projects through completion.


Recipients of the Phoenix Award will receive the following annually:

  • 1 Phoenix of the Year Award Winner ($1,000)
  • 3 Phoenix of the Year Award Finalists ($500)


  • Each quarter, nomination submissions will be reviewed by the F&A Recognition Committee and F&A leaders.
  • HRPs and the nominated staff members’ manager are informed of the nomination


For any questions or feedback, email facommunications@uchicago.edu.